A Veteran’s Day Poem from my 11-Year Old Son

Three years ago, my oldest daughter, Mara, had the honor of reading her poem at the annual Veteran’s Day event in Blue Ash, Ohio. This year, my son, Aaron, was chosen to read his own. I am proud of these kids and their big hearts, their understanding beyond their years, and their ability to put deep concepts into words. Most importantly, I am so thankful to all of our past and present military heroes who protect this great country.

Home At Last

By Aaron Thomas

They say the war is almost done

That we will be home within the month

That we have finally won

They tell us that our fallen comrades

Will be thanked for what they gave

That we will be heroes of our country

Will never fight another day

We have sacrificed so much 

For the day we finally leave

 Leave this place we’ve grown to hate

We are dying to see our loved ones

But pray for those who never will

We will never forget those who died

Who never left the battlefield

After all the hardship and the pain

We hold our friends and family tight

Safe and sound back home again

Thank you veterans for all you gave

What you did to win the day

You made our country strong

Thanks to the hard choices that you made 

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