Veteran’s Day Poem… from my Daughter

After a tumultuous week in America, my 11-year old daughter Mara was chosen to be part of a Veteran’s Day presentation at her school.  She had the opportunity to take the podium and share a poem that she wrote, and her words touched the hearts of many so as a proud dad I am honored to shared it with you here.  Enjoy the poem and God bless!

Veterans Day Poem

by Mara Thomas

Weary soldiers, tired from the fight,

Are just about to sleep one night.

A comrade runs into the bunks,

He says “You can pack your trunks!

The fight is over! The war is done!

You can go home, everyone!”


The long ride home, the unbearable wait,

Away from war, away from hate.

To something waited on for years,

Back to hopes, away from fears.

Back to the place you call your own,

Back to the one, the only, home.


They greet their families with great cheer,

Their excitement is more than clear.

They talk and laugh throughout the night,

But never once about the fight.

This day they feared they’d never see,

The war is over, the country free.


The sparkling eyes that laugh tonight

Not long ago were filled with fright.

These brave people will not be the same,

But they have helped our country gain

The greatest thing we could ever need,

They gave us freedom, yes indeed.


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